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NCS-AN-100 C250 Microphone Setup: Most any microphone can be used with the NCS-C250 due to the ability to set impedance, level, electret voltage and/or other auxiliary voltages required for certain microphones. Microphones with dynamic or electret elements are most commonly used in communications applications and are the focus of this application note. Additionally, requirements for microphones equipped with preamplifiers and DTMF encoders are discussed.

NCS-AN-101 Parallel Configuration of Multiple NCS-C250s: Multiple NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switchers can be connected in a parallel configuration to share radios among multiple operating positions reducing the number of radios required in a multi-operator dispatch operation. Examples are given for various radio sharing configurations for addressing different dispatch requirements.

NCS-AN-102 C250 Repeater Thump Filters: False COR signals from different radios can cause a ping-pong effect in repeat mode. NCS has incorporated Thump Filters in the C250 Repeat Mode to help alleviate this problem. This note describes the operation of the Thump Filters.

NCS-AN-103 C250 Watchdog Timers: The C250 incorporates Watchdog Timers to prevent interference to communications in case of a malfunction. This note describes the operation of the Watchdog Timers.

NCS-AN-104 C250 Mechanical Dimensions: This Application Note details the external dimensions and mounting provisions of the NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switcher.

NCS-AN-105 C250 Microphone Jumper SettingsThis Application Note shows jumpers settings for a wide variety of specific microphones.

NCS-AN-106 Connecting Radios with Bridge Tied Load: This Application Note shows how to connect radios that use a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Speaker Output.

NCS-AN-107 Establishing Talk Groups: Multiple agency incident response often requires the use of multiple talk groups to reduce confusion and expedite communications between parties requiring common communications. This Application Note describes how to set up multiple talk groups using NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switchers.

NCS-AN-108 NCS-C250 Radio Signal Requirements and Interface Methods: This document discusses the signal requirements and interface methods for connecting various manufacturers' radios to the NCS-C250. The interface information in this document also applies to the NCS-C251 Expansion Unit. .

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