= Connectivity Simplified =

Collcomm supplies cables to connect to most commercial & amateur radios as well as other audio devices. Cables can be supplied in any length you may require. We do stock a variety of our most popular cables, typically in 6 foot length. All of our cables are interchangeable and connect to all of our products (C150, C151, C200, C250, C251, C411 & C412).

The model numbers have a "XX" at the end of the model number. When ordering the "XX" should be replaced by the cable length required in feet. For example the model number for a 10 ft cable required for a Bendix-King KNG-M800 radio is NCS-250-BKA-10.

To review  or download the appropriate Instruction Sheet for a particular radio/audio source click on the corresponding box below.

Bendix-King Cables Instruction Sheets