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 Desk Top Riser with Speakers & Speaker Switches

NCS-C250 & NCS-C251 Rack Mount (3RU) with Headset Jacks


in Desk Top Riser with Speakers & Speaker Switches



NCS is proud to offer Heil Sound, Ltd.© headsets and accessories for use with our products. Heil Sound has supplied its products to the commercial broadcast, entertainment and amateur radio industries for over 30 years and has a superb reputation for innovative and quality audio products.

Pro-Set4: The NCS-E305 (electret version) headset has stereo speakers, perfect for monitoring Selected and Unselected audio. The set contains a speaker phase reversal switch to reduce fatigue and enhance intelligibility. The microphone element has an optimized frequency response for clear voice articulation even under noisy radio conditions. The flexible left ear microphone boom has a variety of positions.

Pro-Set Elite: The NCS-E326 is a more robust version of the NCS-E305 headset. The Pro-Set Elite has dual microphone elements for full range and enhanced communications. A slide switch provides switching between elements. Additionally, the boom swings 180 degrees for left or right operation. The headset contains a self adjusting cushioned headband.

HS-2 "Magnum" PTT Hand-Switch: The NCS-F230 is used with the Pro-Set 4 or Pro-Set Elte and is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit the hand. The rugged switch has chrome spring strain relief on both ends of its cable.


Hand Microphone: The NCS-E217 is an omni-directional hand mic with an RJ45 connector installed and pinned out for the C250. It comes with a metal hangar and clip for Hook Switch operation. The coil cord is about 3 feet.

DTMF Microphone: The NCS-E219 is a DTMF encoder microphone with an illuminated 16 key alphanumeric keypad with a RJ45 connector installed and pinned out for the C250. Features include an audible sidetone confirmation and automatic muting during tone transmission. The unit has a metal hanger and a removable 3 foot coil cord.

Other Accessories

Radio Cables: NCS provides cabling to interface most commercial and amateur radios with the NCS-C250. Cables can be provided for mobile as well as portable radios. The cables come in a standard length of 6 feet, however custom lengths are available.

Audio & PTT Delay Module: The C411 & C412  Delay Modules provides a user selectable Click for a larger picture. audio delay to accommodate inherent delays seen in trunked systems between receipt of PTT and assignment of channel. Delays of 0, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600  & 3200 msec are selectable.

AC Power Supply: The NCS-1516 is a desktop switching power supply with overvoltage and current limit protection. It's input is 120 VAC and its output is 12VDC at a maximum of 3 Amps.

Speakers: The NCS-7210 is an 8 Ohm, 3 Watt speaker for use with the C250. It comes with a 6 foot cord. Two speakers are recommended for Selected and Unselected audio. An adapter (NCS-250-SPKR) is available to connect two speakers to the NCS-C250.

NCS-C200 Mini Mobile Multi-Switcher

The NCS-C200 Mini Mobile Multi-Switcher is an interoperable solution best suited for First Responders that utilize multiple radios such as police, fire and EMS personnel. The unit connects four radios to one microphone and two speakers. Specific features includes crossband repeating of up to 4 radios (COR or VOX configurable), Hook-Switch (Off Hook Signal), Multi-Cast (Simulcast), Select/Unselect audio control and muting.

 The NCS-C200 is extremely compact (~ 1/3 the size of its sister product, the NCS-C250E) to accommodate small space requirements such as vehicle consoles. The front panel indicators are controlled by DTMF tones emanating from the microphone included with the unit. The state of each indicator can be changed with a simple one button push of the DTMF Microphone. The Multi-Cast feature, optional on the NCS-C250E, is standard on the NCS-C200. It can be enabled and disabled by pressing a switch on the front panel while simultaneously pressing the microphone’s PTT.

NCS-C250 & NCS-C251 Rack Mount (3RU)


 Rack Mount (2RU)


Typical Application

NCS-C250 & NCS-C251 Combination

The NCS-C250 and C250/C251 combination are also available mounted in standard 19" rack panels. There are a variety of configurations including some or all of the following features: (1) panel mounted Select and Unselect speakers; (2) mic hook and handles; (3) individual lighted, speaker on/off switches; and (4) headset interface jacks.


Mobile Multi-Switcher

The NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switcher is a Mobile Dispatch Console suited for First Responders that utilize multiple radios such as police, fire and EMS personnel. However, many customers have purchased the unit for interoperability (repeating) purposes. The unit connects four radios to one microphone and two speakers. Specific features such as crossband repeating of up to 4 radios (Selectable COR or VOX operated), hook Switch, Select/Unselect audio control and muting, and PA output make the unit more than a "microphone switch".

The NCS-C250 can be configured in systems to provide for sharing of radios between multiple units thereby reducing the number of radios required, resulting in a reduction of overall system cost. (Please see Application Note NCS-AN-101 for further information.)


Alternatively, the unit may be combined with an NCS-C251 Expansion Unit for control of up to eight radios.

NCS-C250E Mobile Multi-Switcher & NCS-C251 Expansion Unit


The NCS-C250 and NCS-C251 are available with two optional features to enhance their operation. Both options are factory installed.

Multi-Cast (Simulcast): Provides the ability to broadcast on multiple radios simultaneously. This feature may be enabled or disabled by the user.

Sidetone: Mixes the transmit (mic) audio at a suppressed level with the Selected radio’s receive audio to provide aural feedback when using a headset. The Sidetone signal is also output to the selected speaker to allow remote monitoring or recording of both sides of the radio communications. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the operator.

Mobile Dispatch Consoles